The warmest wellcome...


So far I know,
thousands of loving eyes
are watching our journeys
in every moment

I know they are there

thousands of loving eyes

in every single limb, in every leaf,
in every blossom, in every single straw

let's recognize their presence
let's give them an opportunity
to initiate us into the Great Mystery


So far I know,
no matter in which name you call the Divine

the Divine loves you so much

It will guide you dressed in a way
which is most familiar to you
so that your mind can follow
from every point


So far I know
when you're travelling across the Universe
in a spaceship of your Love
all thet questions about final destinations
are losing their meaning

for each present moment
captured by Love

explodes into Eternity

and reveals a star gate
to everywhere.


Nami Maria Halingten



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