A Call to The Wind - Reaction on current madness

19/11/2015 16:13

Dear brother Wind
please blow out the clouds from my people's hearts
blow the insects out of their minds
roar loudly in their ears
until they won't stay petrified in silence
to hear their own heartbeat...

Show them it's war itself wanting to fight
we have war in your bodies
we have war in your minds
and after thousands of years of experiencing war
we still think it can bring us something more
than death and endless condemnation
No, condemned be the creature 
daring to call himself the Great God
keeping unique lifeforms in slavery
doesn't matter which stories did he pervert to tell about himself
- this is now his Mastery - to create chaos in stories
to hide our own wisdom
he is the "Ego" the false Teacher proclaiming
our own instinkts are wrong
to manipulate our thoughts and feelings
the puppet master of a great hiearchical insanity
where men are more then women 
women more then children
human children more then animal
animal more then a plant
plant more then the soil
soil more then the elements
a politican more then the poeple
he creates nothing more then collective insanity
nothing but a plague extremely dangerous
to all the miracles Mother Earth
allowed to happen on her Divine body.

Please, brother Wind, her beloved Son
I appreciate your lovely power today
you, feathered serpents and spherical birds
Let's sing a song of such rare astonishing beauty
to recall the Divine Light and Power
given into ALL lifeforms at the beginning of time.
to recall the original wilderness
carrying the wonderfull potential od diversity
carrying the key to the true essence of humanity
creation through love unconditional
see - power of limitless expansion for there
is no harm and no death in fact
Love creates itself through eons
and offers unprecedented possibilities
extraordinary games
We all (also he) have only 
forgotten ourselves in this game...