Vlny 2016 - 2017

11/10/2017 20:00

Blessed those who see
things are just as they are
far from wrong far from right
only convenient or non-
convenient for all
is harmony
Leaving aside
the seductive habbit of judging
instead of clear distinguishing
tell me someone,
how not to be crushed
with what compassion brings
how can you expect a journey
of lightness and ease
while dwelling in a deep sleep
someone must wake you up first
you wanna melt in the sun
but with a scarf on your eyes

you learn to fly

The true meaning of mortality
is to get out the best of you
and give it to the world
before you decide to melt
your consciousness
back in the primal waters...
or, as some do say -
when Universe really loves you
he takes you everything you like
to teach you everything about love
Skutečný smysl smrtelnosti
je dostat z vás to nejlepší
dříve než se nasyceni nesmírnem
rozhodnete navrátit své vědomí
zpět do prvotních vod...
nebo, jak praví někteří -
když tě Vesmír skutečně miluje,
vezme ti vše, co máš rád,
aby ti předal umění milovat


Believe or not
death brings many great gifts
one of them is the Great Silence
Silence so loud
you can hear your cells screaming
with the highest tones
destroying your illusionary protection
an implosion as a beginnig of the final explosion

as if he just opened some door in your screen
and your sureness has been disturbed
by the surreal image
of infinity
and you suffer so much
with the feeling of separation
thirsty to death for the love you've missed
untill you explode
and vanish
after all
some part of you knows
this Silence is the greatest thing
you should never miss
untill you explode
and vanish

see, what do you have
your flesh is Earth
your blood is Water
your rythm is Fire
your breath is Air
your love makes
art from the void
only as love
can you be

may appear fragile in its form
but as we can see
not fragile by its essence.
The spring confirms it again
celebrating her eternal victory.
And so no matter what
never think of yourselves
as of rotten seeds
you're just still going to blossom
because that's the will of
the divine feminine


I'm devoted to the nature
not to you
I'm devoted to the beauty
creation in truth
doesn't mean I wouldn't love you
I do, I do
I'm devoted to love
I see in your heart, too

Though you've left me
with white-burning trees
bursting out with blossoms
you've left me
with such a bright
and invincible rival

You may search for me
in the midnight dew
when you return
you can search for me
between the green cherries
you can search for me
in the pine-organ melodies
played by the breeze
you can search for me
on the soft and warm moss pillows

And maybe
you'll fing me
and maybe

'Cause I'm devoted to the nature
and not to you
I'm devoted to forest carpets
burning in blue
I'm devoted to the moonsight
painting my night
I'm devoted to the orchards
bringing heaven to life
doesn't mean I wouldn't love you
I do, I do
I'm devoted to the love
I'touching through you, too

On the borders
between night and day
I saw that ignorance
is the only true reason of all evil
no one would ever choose to harm anyone
if all consequences would be revealed
but on the other hand
ignorance is the prelude to all glory
otherwise we would hardly choose
to go through all this..
And all this is just because
there comes an eery point on each journey
where the path ends on a cliff
and no matter if go continue on a rope
or remind yourself of your wings
you need to know the whole stick
to be able to hold it in the middle
with one finger
in a perfect balance

In pain and extasy we come
in pain and extasy we leave
in pain and extasy we grow
from pain to extasy we move
due to our lightness

there's another point
in which most of the things
suddenly stop being describable

have a good flight..

White Horse
such a tenderness between the mids
leaves me swimming in the sound
to shorten my wating for the white horse
no prince is needed, only the horse
to take me to the sun

Cesta do středu bytí
je cesta rozkladu
neustálého přeskupování reality
nekonečná láska
zázrak za zázrakem.
Kráčím po červeném laně
nad propastí, kolem jenom mraky
už vím
co je to důvěra.

Expect the best
accept miracles and realize that
you're a part of
a huge magical orchestra
just play your part
the best way you can
and don't be confused
by false tones of others
in your heart
your hearing is absolute
there's always a harmony
under all the clamour...